Leah Rin Supulski

March 21, 1987 - December 11, 2020

Leah was born in Seoul, Korea on March 21, 1987. She became the daughter of Bill and Dottie Supulski on March 21, 1988. Leah grew up in Oregon but moved to Washington, DC, which became her home. Leah was an accomplished dancer, artist, chef, and a loving daughter and friend to many. She was very proud of her Korean heritage, studied the language, and cooked amazing Korean food. Leah worked in many fields, from event management to bartending. She was constantly connecting strangers, made friends easily, and loved hosting dinner parties. In her work and in her life, Leah was the consummate host. She was deeply loved, and is dearly missed.

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Memorial Donations

Leah was passionate about several causes—racial justice, gender equality, and mental health, to name a few. We've vetted and listed a few organizations that are working on such issues, and we ask donations be made to them in Leah's memory. We have also recently set up a GoFundMe to dedicate a memorial bench in Leah's honor at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.

Memorial bench at the U.S. National Arboretum


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